lady A begun singing at age 5 following with her performance carrer as a back-up singer in a motown revue band during the 80's. her musical ear, gospel, Louisiana roots and her musical family always led her back to the blues and gospel music, mixed with flavors of soul and funk like a perfect jambalaya.

Though born and raised in Seattle, WAshington, you can clearly hear the southern undertones in her music and lyrics on her april 2010 cd "blueZ in the key of me" which was nominated as best self-produced cd in 2013 by the washington blues society.


december, 2016 @ the highway 99 blues club


jan, 3, 2017-- blues with benefits played to a packed house again last thursday night at seattle's premiere blues club, highway 99 blues club.

"we were thrilled to see over 170 guests enjoy the band's high energy mix of blues and r&b" said guitar player in the band, john stephanus. "the dance floor was packed and many guests said what a great show it was", as blues with benefits continues to make a name for itself on the seattle area music scene.

The surprise of the evening was the local B;ues legend LAdy Asat in with the band. Lady A and DAwn Atkins wound up splitting the set list pretty evenly ad the guests reveled in a wide variety of different vocal styles from these two powerful women.


"It was great to be able to play with a National recognized act like Lady A. It felt really good to step it up and play at the level that she expects."


-Paul Peck, keyboard



-What made the recent show at the HWY 99 so fun?


 john stephanusIt was a combination of a great crowd that we felt a lot of energy from and,you know, as performers, there is a rapport back and forth between the crowd and a band. The band’s performance makes the crowd more excited and the crowd’s performance makes the band more excited. it’s a lot of fun. 

I think adding Lady A into the mix was certainly very fun for us as performers. She is a consummate professional and the back and forth between she and Dawn Atkins (former BWB vocalist) was a lot of fun for everybody- both us as performers and the audience.



Paul Peck: The ambiance of this (HWY 99) club is like a quintessential blues club. It just makes you feel like playing the blues when you are there. the energy from the audience that we had there was incredible. Especially for a Thursday night to have that large of an audience that was so excited about what we were doing really made it a lot of fun for the musicians. we perform a lot better and are able to give that extra 110 percent that the crowd is looking for with this sort of energy.





october, 2016 @ the highway 99 blues club


Oct 5, 2016--  Blues With Benefits plays to standing room only crowd at Seattle’s renown Highway 99 Blues Club.  In talking with people working at the Club, they had not seen such a large crowd on a midweek night for as long as they could remember.  The band played songs from artists including Freddie King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Koko Taylor, Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker, Joe Bonamassa, Amy Winehouse and others to the delight of the over 150 guests.  Dawn Atkin was in especially passionate form…and the band backed her up with emotion and tasteful music.  Many people found the show to be great for making use of the dance floor the club offers.  All in all a memorable night that was enjoyed by everyone.

photos by alastair lockett

...we caught a paparazzi 

Best gig I’ve ever played!!!
A magical evening!

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